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- Without the visor, he's totally blind. Can't see shit.

- The visor is an input device for a sensor implanted in Godot's brain that allows him to "see" the signals it picks up. It doesn't work for anyone else and it cannot be seen through-- so if anyone else puts it on, it's just a chunk of metal on their face.

- It's lightweight, less than two pounds. It is held on fairly snugly on the sides of his head (feels sort of like heavy sunglasses to him.) The switch is pressure activated to turn on when he is wearing it.

- Godot mentions it "running out of batteries" in 3-5, though he's being facetious in the context of the conversation. I imagine that it does run on batteries, but they are rechargeable and high-powered so they don't need to be charged very often.

- The display is a very detailed grayscale. He can tell when most things are different colors, but not what colors they actually are. The color red is imaged the same as white, so he cannot see red or any of its shades on a light-colored background (as shown in canon.)

- His eyes are faded brown with a white film over the irises.

- He does not have the scar on his face that's depicted in many fanarts (and a bunch of my icons, hahaha.) He gets that about a month ahead of the canonpoint I took him from.

- The visor is a prototype that he received in a clinical trial. Though there are other blind characters in the AA series, no one else has a visor like Godot does (even years ahead of him in the timeline.)


- He awoke from his coma five years after being poisoned. Though there is no specific date given. I have it somewhere in the fall of 2017 (in between 2-2 and 2-3 on the AA timeline.) That gives him time to recover and undergo surgery/physical therapy quickly enough to be prosecuting by October 2018.

- When he awoke, Diego was blind and suffered from muscular atrophy. He couldn't walk and his proprioception (awareness of body position/space) was thrown off for a time.

- It took 6 months for him to be able to walk again, and he trained himself to do it without wobbling or showing weakness. When he is very tired, his gait is off and he limps/drags a little bit, but god help you if you point this out.

- Godot takes four prescription medications: anti-seizure pills, heart medication, iron supplements (to treat anemia) and a mild steroid. He is also prescribed pain pills, but he doesn't use them unless he's in a particularly bad state.

- The pills mostly take care of his symptoms, but he is sensitive to temperature extremes and susceptible to chronic pain and weakness. No wonder he's so grumpy.

- He visits the doctor at least once a month for a checkup and an intravenous anti-seizure treatment.


- Godot has some major guilt issues. He blames himself for getting poisoned, for not waking up sooner, for not being awake to protect Mia (despite the fact she didn't really need his protection) and a whole host of other shit that isn't really his fault. Of course, he pushes his guilt away onto other people as scapegoats-- namely Phoenix Wright, who really had nothing to do with anything at all.

- Hero complex like whoa. According to Godot, if he was awake when his girlfriend was attacked, he would have been able to save her. In canon, he is actively working to protect his girlfriend's younger sister from a murder plot... though mostly by remaining very hands-off and longing to swoop in and save her at the last second, rather than, you know. Proactively keeping her out of danger.

- Self-loathing. Godot despises his appearance, his visor, and his poor health. He thinks of his body as worthless and absolutely hates being perceived as weak. His blindness and his dependence on medication disgust him and he compensates for all of this with...

- Denial. Why else would he change his name entirely and pretend to be someone else?


- D.O.B.: August 15th, 1985. Leo.

- He is half-Mexican and half-Argentinean. He speaks fluent Spanish.

- Diego grew up in the low-income suburbs of Los Angeles, where he lived with his mother and maternal grandfather. His mother Lilia was a nurse, and his grandfather Jose worked in a warehouse.

- I've never really come up with a satisfactory answer of what his father was like, so Diego's father was out of the picture. His mother didn't like to talk about him, and Diego never met him. He looked up to his grandfather as a role model and (somewhat spitefully) told himself he didn't need a father.

- Their family wasn't destitute, but money was very tight and there was little wiggle room in the budget. His mother worked night shifts and his grandfather worked day shifts, so Diego was often a latchkey kid left to his own devices. His family was very loving and supportive and tried to make the time they had together special. His mother would play soccer with him and take him to the library, and his grandfather took him to a certain diner and old museums.

- Diego was a very intelligent child, though didn't receive much recognition for it in school due to being pretty rambunctious. He got in trouble at school for running his mouth/arguing with authority figures, and also for getting into fights-- even as a kid he had a strong sense of justice, and would often step in on playground conflicts to stand up for the weaker children.

Nevertheless, several teachers recognized his intelligence and encouraged him to keep his grades up.

- He played soccer until high school and wanted to be a professional soccer player when he grew up.

- Diego got into more fights when he was in middle school, though always for the purposes of defending other people or himself. He was often to resort to his fists rather than trying to talk things out, believing that a man should solve his problems like a man.

- Diego's grandfather passed away when Diego was 20. He regrets that Jose wasn't alive to see him become a lawyer, but he dedicated his law school graduation and his badge to Jose's memory.

- Diego's mother died in a car accident when he was 26. Though he didn't show it at work, her loss affected him deeply, and he was sad he didn't get to take care of her more.


- When Diego was 14, his grandfather was arrested for murdering a coworker at the warehouse where they worked. The Armandos couldn't afford to retain a lawyer, but one defense attorney offered to take the case pro bono. His name was Gregory Edgeworth.

- Gregory absolutely blew Diego's mind with his kindness, rationality and his willingness to help the family for free. He was like an adult version of the protector of the weak that Diego always wanted to be. Jose was found not guilty and Diego was inspired to become a lawyer himself.

- Due in part to his good grades, Diego qualified for an exploratory internship at a law firm when he was 16-17. He was assigned to the Grossberg and Co. Law Offices. (See? Look. There he is in the background.)

- He started off a little too confident for his own good. Hammond thought he was a punk, but Grossberg was patient with him and willing to bring him along to his trials to watch.

- Somewhere around this time, Diego was nearly expelled from school for getting in yet another fistfight-- defending a girl whose boyfriend had struck her in the cafeteria. When he heard, Grossberg sat him down and gave him a speech about real men being intelligent enough to fight with words and win with logic, and in-control of their emotions and reactions. Diego took this to heart and worked to develop a calm, cool demeanor that allowed him to keep his temper and not go around punching people.

- Between the internship and a merit program, Diego won a scholarship to UCLA, where he attended law school and received his badge at the series-standard-unlikely age of 22. Of course Grossberg hired him.

- His overconfidence got him in trouble as a fledgling lawyer, as he would often bluff to the point of actually just obviously bullshitting. However, he was remarkably skilled at the bench, and pulled off a few surprising wins early in his career.

- By 25, Diego Armando the Hotshot Defense Attorney was in full bloom. He used his lucrative career to furnish an awesome bachelor pad full of coffeemakers, a red sportscar with black leather seats, and a nicer house for his mother. He actually spent quite a bit of money making his mother comfortable, and sent her on a trip to South America, where she'd always wanted to go.


- Diego first tried coffee when he was 8. He thought of it as an icky black beverage reserved only for adults... and then the scent got the better of him one day. He stole a cup from the coffeemaker in the kitchen... and a lurid romance was born.

- After that Diego would drink coffee more frequently. His mother caught him early on and told him it wasn't for kids. So then he started to sneak it. If he woke up early enough he could get some from the pot that went off before his grandfather went to work, and after school he could catch the one his mother was preparing for her own shifts.

- By 10 he was up to 4 cups a day.

- By 11 he carried a travel mug to school.

- By 12 it was more than obvious to everyone that Diego was crazy into coffee, so his mother relented and let him have it freely.

- He used to fill his cups with plenty of milk and sugar, but gradually tapered off as he acquired a taste for the bitterness.

- In high school, Diego never skipped classes. But he did run for coffee during every single passing period.

- He started making his own blends in college when he was too poor to afford going out for coffee every day. He saved up to get his machines and equipment, and began to experiment with different flavors and textures of coffee.

- There are at least 107 Godot blends. Of them, #102 is Godot's stated favorite (canon.) He is working on refining #107 (also canon.)


- Back in L.A., Diego had a very expensive bright red sportscar that he loved and adored. Unfortunately, after the coma, he was unable to drive due to his medical condition. He sold his car to a collector where it would be kept nice and clean.


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